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Thank you for visiting us at The Lazy Surfer. Let me introduce myself and my company. I am Daniel Bundrick, owner and pharmacist in charge of the store, located in a beach side town of Surfside Beach on the coast of South Carolina.

Our product brand is called Apothecare Dispensary. We have partnered with a farm near Denver, Coloroado in Fort Lupton, CO. Truly, from “farm to pharm” to bring you quality CBD oil and other CBD products. “Healthy, Not High”… catch the wave with us.

As a pharmacist for over 35 years, it is refreshing for me as a health professional to now have a natural solution from the earth, a plant from God for all of us. Pharmaceuticals have their place, but we are excited to offer the best  proven CBD and other natural therapies to you & your family. We are here to help you through your journey, to educate you, to guide you in this maze of information and to avoid inferior products. Our mission is to offer you the most effective natural solutions.


Daniel Bundrick

Licensed Pharmacist

University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy 1984  


Daniel has 35 years of experience in the pharmacy profession. He is the owner and Pharmacist in charge of Surfside Beach Pharmacy and High Tide Dispensary. Daniel is committed to supporting his local community and the greater South Strand region. He donates his time and expertise to help people connect and stay healthy, an example being his Pier to Peer walking group. Daniel has won several awards including “Innovative Pharmacist of The Year” and “The Cheers Award for Safety Practices.” He has been named Preceptor of the Year twice by USC College of Pharmacy. He has written a children’s book titled “Roy, Weather Boy” He won the Golden Pen award from the Post & Courier of Charleston, SC  for his article explaining the benefits of medical cannabis. He is very proud to serve his customers and is grateful for how he has been welcomed in this beach side community.​  Daniel is excited to now own a CBD Dispensary. He is also working towards being an integral part of a MMJ Dispensary in the near future. He is ready to share his knowledge and passion about the Hemp plant and other natural solutions in a brick & mortar setting as well as an on-line presence.

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What our clients say

by Bob E. Cornett of Cornett Beach Side Creations:The Appalachian Christmas Fund

"I go often to the Lazy Surfer to get many different things. I get my CBD oil, Goli gummies, Elderberry Syrup and sometimes just to spend time with Bridget who always embraces my family like it is her own.My wife and I run a NON-profit Business that keeps us very busy and we need a lot of energy to keep going each day! The Lazy Surfer always offers new products to help and supports our business by donating and wearing our hand crafted jewelry."

by Molly Hoover

"The lazy Surfer is the best place in Surfside Beach and Myrtle Beach! The products I tried and were recommended by Daniel and Bridget have been nothing but successful. I highly recommend The Lazy Surfer and will never go anywhere else for products. They provide more than just products but their knowledge and education they dedicate to every customer is so special!”

by James

“I got Hepatitis C 45 years ago. I found out 20 years later when I was at my doctor. I began taking Interferon treatments. I have severe nausea and hard gurd and reflexes constantly. I throw up every single day from the combination of the symptoms. I was looking for relief. The inter study for Hep C could not cure it but could make my diagnosis no detectable.I began taking CBD to try to gain back an appetite and find relief for the constant gagging. I am an Uber driver and do not want to carry around a paper bag for the rest of my life. The products Bridget has provided me with and the time she dedicated to help me has been unlike any service around.”

by Steve Bradley

"We have 3 dogs and drove to Texas, a 16 hour drive. We gave all of our dogs pieces of the CBD dog treats and they were awesome! The whole ride they were not anxious and were calm the long trip!"

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